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HAM - Helsinki Art Museum
1.10 - 14.11.2021

The exhibition 'How to Postpone the End' invites reflections concerning the intrinsic relations between the degradation of ecosystems caused by modern large-scale industrial processes and the long history of exploitation of natural resources, invasion of territories, and the extermination of populations and cultures produced by the still ongoing colonization processes around the world, including in South America, where the artist comes from. Through the contrast of concepts such as degradation, development, and ancestrality, the exhibition suggests an encounter among modern and rudimentary technologies and a clash between scientific perspectives and the ancient and grounded ‘cosmovision’ to mitigate this fearful, disturbed, and impersonal corporeity of the so absent contexts of the present, in the attempt to avoid or at least to postpone the end.
The realization of this exhibition was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and the Brazilian Embassy in Helsinki.

Video documentation here.

Photos: © HAM / Kirsi Halkola / Felipe de Ávila Franco

Third Space Gallery 
20 .10 - 26.10.2018

The exhibition Residue Resides comprises works produced over varied mediums such as sculpture, installation, photography and video developed through an extensive research approaching the biggest environmental disaster ever registered in Brazilian history. In November 2015 an iron ore tailings dam suffered a catastrophic failure in a Brazilian countryside area, spilling 60 million m3 of iron waste residue in the environment. It destroyed local villages and compromised the water supply of larger cities along the 700 Km of the Doce River, which was destroyed by the mudflows before they reached the Atlantic ocean 17 days later. The works presented in this exhibition explore different aspects of the residue and its incorporation into artistic process over varied mediums such as sculpture, video installation and photography, discussing also how the environmental crisis of our times manifests a parallel of a material and a immaterial dystopia.

The realization of this exhibition was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland - Taike.



The work of Felipe de Ávila Franco has already been displayed in various solo and group exhibitions in Europe and abroad, at distinct galleries and museums such as the Im Kornerpark Gallery, in Berlin; the Biblioteca Central de Cantabria, in Santander, Spain; the Museum of Brazilian Art FAAP, in São Paulo, Brazil; the Helsinki Art Museum HAM and the Contemporary Art Museum KIASMA, in Helsinki, in which his work integrates the collection, among others places. 


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