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Porvoon Taidehalli - Finland

September / October 2023

This exhibition investigates matters pertaining to the various manifestations of the energy concept. Through experimental approaches, projections of light onto reflective surfaces, and arrangements incorporating fossil fuel residues and electromechanical systems, the artworks transmute the phenomenological hues of notions of energy. The works navigate the conceptual subjectivity of this notion, serving as a pivotal element for speculating on energy as a substance that not only inhabits but also connects the realms of reality, fiction, and spiritual.

The realization of this exhibition was supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE and Porvoon Taidehalli. Special thanks for th
e collaboration and support of Innobrand Oy. 

Supported by:

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Photos: Leandro Lefa @llefa / Felipe de Ávila Franco

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