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Virtual Nature
Installation 2014
Video projection over wood logs
Dimensions variable

Virtual Nature, 2014

Reality, in its very meaning, is often contrasted with all what is illusory, imaginary, delusionalfictional, abstract.  But what is virtual is still part of a reality that, as the result of a series of assignments given through data and information, when overlapped can create another sense and restructure its original meaning.


The work consists of video projections screened over the same objects that are the sources of information for the projected images. Once the image is projected over the stumps, they become the source and in the recipient of information, at the same time. 


The video is projected on a constant loop while the hue color palette constantly fades from a cold to a warm contrast, alternating the colors between the two sets of logs. The dimmed lights emphasize the idea of oblivion between those objects and the space, taking away any other material references and giving to the work an impression of one tridimensional digital object, like a solid hologram. 


When the work conceptually brings material and light overlapped, it suggest a new aspect of materiality, where reality and virtuality became interdependent, interconnected, cause and consequence occupying the same instant and space. The wood stumps were chosen due to its inert state of being, once alive organic element, but by the time only inert matter unable to respond to real stimulation no more.

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