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Year of production:2013

Running Time: 3:05 min

Color / Sound 

The function of a tunnel is to create a way through or underneath. It connects the two opposite sides and linking the "here" to the "there", now to then. In the between of the 149.2 kilometers highway connecting Helsinki and Turko in Finland, there are six tunnels which look all almost the same and except for the differences between their lenghs, they are quite similar. The noise, the lights, the road, the end. It gives the impression of have already been there, even been further on the way, from one to other side, and vice-verse.


Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 5:59 min

Color / Sound 

The constant and permanent burning of the tree over the placid ocean landscape creates a material contrast with two primary natural elements which are by convention the opposite of each other. Meanwhile, uninterrupted burning suggests a second focus of tension to our perception, since the burning process should take over the whole tree but it never progresses instead.

It remains constant and unchanging throughout the full length of the video, which refers to the sense of immortality of the idea after widespread. This time is extended indefinitely. The tree is an Olive tree which once was very present to the economy in the region of the Cunda Island - Turkey, where the video was shot.

Galatas Symphony

Running time – 

Imprisoned in a constant repetition, we no not realize our innocence with trying to keep ourselves in control of nature around us. We create rules and rites trying to stop the disobedience of reality instead of adapting our understanding of what it really is.

It creates a relational paradox where at the same time the actions that build the bridge to a crossing change the path and increases the flow of the river to be crossed.

Each of us is situated on top of the bridge, trying to fit some notes in the cacophony around us, but make a much more complex noise turns our efforts barely audible on the attempt to become part of this diffuse orchestra playing an unknown composer play.

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