Tropical Delusion
Digital photography, 2018
Metallic paper photo print

Tropical Delusion is a digital photography series made over the biggest environmental disaster ever registered in Brazilian history. In November 2015 an iron ore tailings dam suffered a catastrophic failure in a Brazilian countryside area, leaking 60 million cubic meters of iron waste mud into nature. The mudflows vanished Bento Rodrigues community leaving 600 people homeless and destroyed 700 Km of rivers compromising the water supplies of thirty larger cities, before reaching the Atlantic Ocean 17 days later.


The work consists of seven digitally processed images of what is left of the houses after the disaster. The images present an intriguing color palette which provokes perception by confronting the senses of real and fictional. The aestheticization destroyed houses images refers to the mediatization made over the tragedy and the controversial reasons that caused it, as it was reported by the national news.


The work grounds on the structure of the ruin to question the concept of 'nature as something separated and disconnected from human society'.




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