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The Trillionth Tonne​, 2022

The invisible shadow of an unearthed rock hovers upon our times. It is predicted one trillion tonnes of anthropogenic carbon emissions can be allocated into the atmosphere by 2040, and if exceeded that limit reversing climate change and its devastating effects might be impossible. Even the tiniest portions of time and matter matters to slow that count, in the attempt to mitigate the imminent last sigh before the air is too heavy to breathe. Eight tons of coal serve as the screen for a up-to-the second carbon-counter, displaying the equivalent of carbon emissions advancing towards the trillionth tonne. The counter is run by researchers from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. The work is supported by Amos Rex Museum, Helen Oy and Svenska Kulturfunden.

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The Trillionth Tonne

Installation, 2022

Thermal coal, polystyrene woven bags,

and laser mapping projection


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