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Silence: Absence of sound

Silence cannot be heard. As soon as it is being listened to, it becomes clear that it consists of sounds. What steam is for air is what sound is for silence. The air, only becomes observable when it is filled with steam, silence when it is broken by the sound. Silence exists only as an idea. It transcends the sonic and takes on other forms – physical and spiritual.


When separated from its original environment these objects lost the connection between each other. When they are fed with the same audio frequency through the actuators they resonate in unique ways. It highlights their different properties, nature, and densities, and unexpectedly they start to share something in common again: the air. Which flows from their bodies and creates a still nature choral, enabling them became one thing connected within the gallery space.

Silence: Absence of sound
Installation, 2014
Stone, log, water, and electronic components
Variable dimensions
(Partnership with Davis Ozolins)

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