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Sculpture, 2015
Coin, steel, polystyrene, and electro-mechanics

Real, 2015

This work presents a reflective black surface that hides an electromechanical system that allows a coin to keep spinning constantly in balance. A spinning coin relates to the power of choice and decision and questions to whom it belongs to. The potentiality of the fall indefinitely prolongs the decision moment and reiterates that what we consider to be a result of chance, can also be a cause and not only a consequence.


The cancellation of the possibility of decision produces a system where the individual is subjected to a perpetual suspension, spinning-steady under agreed rules that often do not correspond to the needs of daily life or either to the reality of the natural cycles. Such as economy, the reliability of this mechanical spinning coin system is extremely fragile, once it is set up through mechanical principles that can only operate over this styrene sheet, a polymer material produced from the synthetic processing of fossil resources.

Real is the name of the Brazilian official currency.

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