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Ode to Anthropocene, 2016
This work produces a system with a continuous feedback loop of dense and reflexive dark fluid over a structure that resembles a monument-size hourglass. The external, fine, static-looking layer, which is actually in constant motion around the structure, creates a solid-fluid object.
The oil layer streaming over the structure alludes to the depository stratigraphical layers took by science as the base to cast the concept of Anthropocene in the year 2000, the same year that Zygmunt Bauman cast the concept of liquid-modernity, metaphorically referring to the transition from a solid to a more fluid structure of society. According to the author, solids have clear spatial dimensions while fluids do not possess any specific form and cannot hold their shape. Solids cancel time while for liquids, by contrast, it is the flow of time that matters, not the space they happen to occupy, once they take this space only 'for a moment'.


Ode to Anthropocene
Sculpture. 2016

Steel, oil, and electro-mechanics

200cm x 100cm diameter



Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 14.05.08.png
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