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Galatas Symphony, 2012

Imprisoned in a constant repetition cycle, human society does not perceive its innocence in engaging useless attempts of domesticating and keeping the 'nature' under control. Rules are imposed and rituals are set in order to cultivate and maintain this distorted relationship, seeking to control nature's disobedience instead of improving the comprehension and connection to it. 


It places society in the middle of a bridge connecting two sides of the same reality: in one side, what the world really is. In the other, the fragile idealization of what we wish it was. It turns poetic actions into lost tones of the modern cacophony, diluted within the rough and noisy urban landscapes, into a subtle but powerful instrument capable of tuning this diffuse orchestra playing an unknown and barely audible composition.


The film was made on the Galata's bridge, in Istanbul.

Galatas Symphony

Lenght 7'50"


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