Future Fossils

Sculpture, 2020

Cement, plaster, and industrial residue

from areas affected by nickel mining activities

Variable measures


Contamination /kənˌtæm.ɪˈneɪ.ʃən/


Is the presence of a constituent, impurity, or some other undesirable element that spoils, corrupts, infects, makes unfit or inferior certain material, physical body, natural environment, or space.

The relationship between human society and the environment increasingly alters biomes and (not too) slowly, the geophysics of the planet and the very human perception of itself and of reality. At the same time, it leaves behind altered traces of the battle to domesticate 'nature' translated through a paradoxical and distorted unconscious primary need to survive to the point of self-destruction.


Future archaeology will most probably come across remains contaminated from those times that transformed the present into a predictable dystopian stratum of the future.