Sculpture, 2008

Iron taps, water, and pomp


Bright boxes

Installation, 2008

Wood boxes and window


Fine Fluids


This installation consists of two works produced through research grounded on the notions of abandonments and memory. The works questions the relationships between humans and objects, and how the perception of time affects the individual's relationship to the everyday reality that forms the collective unconscious.


The works present man-made objects found in the brute urban landscape contrasted with substances of true nature. The results are systems where "things flow through things", confronting the idea of substance, matter, element, and object, over re-created structures present in the daily life of modern society.


The work operates over the apparent perpetual flow of different physical states materials which do not possess a defined form, acting over solid and defined shape structures. It feeds a discussion of how the comprehension of 'nature' is fluidly and constantly reshaped by how we perceive the relationship between the material and immaterial, questioning where does it lie the boundaries between energy and matter, being both substances in a never-ending amount of possibilities which points to notions of 'infinite as something that never ends and never had a beginning'.