Sculpture, 2017/2020
Wood, light bulb, oil,

and electromechanics
63 x 22 x 63cm.
KIASMA collection

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs during the alignment of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system. Solar eclipses have caused fear, inspired curiosity, or been associated with myths and superstitions throughout history, even considered as a 'bad omen' in many cultures. The term also indicates the condition of a subject partially or entirely covered and obscured by another. The piece 'Eclipse' refers to the astronomic event materialized in the clash produced by viscous dark recycled oil engulfing a light globe.

Fossil fuel is a source of power that creates ambiguity and perplexity. It enabled human society to achieve beyond the imaginable, at the same time becoming the shortest way to a rough and dystopian future. At the same time that it nourishes the motors of development apparently bringing thriving and prosperity, its production, usage, and ownership poison the environment and produces inequality and large social gaps from economic and democratic disruptions.

Fossil fuel-based energy is the main pillar in the constitution of society as we know it. Similar to electricity, it is directly connected to everything that is produced and consumed in our lives. The electric light globe alludes to the sun as a source of light and power, which when covered in oil expresses the clash of these antagonistic types of energy from different substances but deeply connected by their ancient past: from the long-timescale perspective of the geological ages, solar energy is the first nourishment for all the organic life that decomposed into the fossil fuels nowadays used industrially. The work operates through an automated electro-mechanic system that enables the phenomenon to repeat constantly with regular intervals. ​