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Drift. 2016
Black geometrical elements slowly spin in a perpetual circular motion over a dark-fluid base. They remind of an architectonic scale-model and when spinning, the plastic reflexive surface gives delicately twinkles as a jewel on a display.
The light activates the sensors and keeps the system in a constant movement, but once the light source is blocked the system's motion is abruptly interrupted. When the system stops, immediately two triangular-shaped elements start to move very subtly and just like in a compass they search for north and south as if trying to find directions from inside that constant spinning system.

The Metropole is one of the main symbols of the modern era, the highest levels of civilization's development. The work questions the aura of power and desire that underpins the paradigm of modern society also contained in monumental structures built through the exploitation of resources and in the growth of production and consumption, guided by the domination of the petrochemical industry.

Sculpture, 2016
Polycarbonate, 3D prints, oil and electro-mechanics
50 x 55 x 170 cm


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