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Video installation, 2017
Video length 1:28'57¨

Deconstruction, 2017


This work presents a digitally processed three-wall video-projection of a rainstorm. The digital processing of the video recreates a pixelated image, making it visually unrecognizable but preserving the characteristic movement of the raindrops over a clear transparent window. The rectangular elements behave as if constantly falling, creating a system of perpetual collapse, referring to the current state of informational disruption of society. 

Under a spotlight, in the very middle of the installation, a pair of headphones can be found on the ground constantly playing the sound of the rain, which brings back the viewer to a realization of the digital deconstructed system. Deconstruction by its very nature defies institutionalization in an authoritative definition. It is a name commonly associated with the philosopher Jacques Derrida’s critical outlook on the relationship between language and the construction of meaning.

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